If you've just landed here, chances are you were following me on Cities&Citizens on Tumblr. It's a blog I started a little over three years ago now, and has grown to contain over 2,000 followers.  But today, I'm onto greener pastures with this new website and blog!

The reasons for my departure from there primarily stem from me not being the same photographer or the same person I was in 2012 when the blog was started.  At the time, I was very much into film, and very much into traditional street photography, having just been entranced by Vivian Maier and her story.  The whole concept behind Cities&Citizens was to photograph cities and their citizens in a way that was in line with street photography's ethos.  And of course, it had to be on film!

But as I grew and expanded, my output as a photographer began to change.  I started migrating back to digital in the former half of 2014, and then I started looking more inward at my personal life for photographs, and finally I started looking beyond street photography itself for inspiration.

I did try rectifying these changes by creating a secondary blog, but what I've found lately is that the street stuff, the personal photos, the everyday photos, the landscapes, it all ties into an interconnected style and theme of mine.  It was clear I had departed from pure street photography, though, which meant the end was nigh for Cities&Citizens.

Fast-forward to today, where I'm launching this brand new portfolio website, alongside this blog you're now reading (Let's Blog About It), as well as a new Tumblr account to keep contact with the people over there and continue using it as a platform to network and draw inspiration from.  Unlike this blog, the Tumblr will act as more of a sketchbook, with fragments of incomplete ideas and concepts.  It, along with my Instagram feed, will mention any and all future site and blog posts and updates.  Both are a great way to stay connected with what I'm doing.

This blog will consist primarily of long-form posts (or at least longer than what those accustomed to my Tumblr output would expect), both text-centric and photo-centric, though primarily the latter.  It will be roughly chronological (hopefully), starting with June 2015.  But as I often edit out of sequence, don't be surprised if things are sometimes out of order.

With all that explanation out of the way, welcome to my new website and blog!  More posts to come shortly!